Kingdom Come: Deliverance is Missing a Female Player Character


Warhorse Studios’ Kingdom Come: Deliverance is pretty popular across platforms, but fans are wondering whether players will still get the chance to experience the game with a playable female characters.

In Kingdom Come: Deliverance’s original Kickstarter, backers helped fund several stretch goals for the game, including a “playable female character,” a new report from Polygon explains. Several other stretch goals, such as a tournament mode and a dog companion, were also achieved through the game’s Kickstarter, which ended up scoring over £1 million (or over $1.38 million USD)

But upon release, Kingdom Come: Deliverance didn’t deliver all of its achieved goals. In particular, there’s no playable female character throughout the game’s multiplatform release. Kingdom Come: Deliverance’s co-publisher, Deep Silver, stresses that the company isn’t responsible for those stretch goals, whereas Warhorse Studios says that developers are still fixing up the game’s vanilla experience.

“The development is currently focusing on creating the best experience for the base game as possible for as many fans as possible,” Warhorse public relations manager Tobias Stolz-Zwilling told Polygon. “There is more in development including some of the KS stretch goals, but there’s no public timeframe for release yet.”

Warhorse Studios’ female player character stretch goal promised a “line of quests” where players can take control of a “young woman that saves the lead character.” Based on Kingdom Come: Deliverance’s story, that seemingly casts the player as Theresa, a maiden who nurses Henry back to health after he saves her from a sexual assault.

So, why can’t players experience Kingdom Come: Deliverance as Theresa yet? One Redditor points to a development update video from lead developer Daniel Vávra in December 2016, in which Vávra talked about optimizing the game and cutting certain features. Due to the game’s sheer growth in content, some material had to be cut from the game during development. That included the female quest line, which Vávra said would come back as DLC. He has since confirmed that via Twitter.

“Sadly a few quests that didn’t make it for now were from the female character line that we promised as a stretch goal on the Kickstarter,” Vávra explained in the video. “But don’t be sad, we will release them as a DLC that is going to be free for the backers together with some other quests and stuff that didn’t make it.”

So for now, a playable female character is still a possibility. It just may be coming down the road in Kingdom Come: Deliverance for after the game’s ongoing bug fixes and gameplay improvements are out.

H/T Polygon