Kingdom Come: Deliverance Patch 1.3 Brings Save System Improvements and Over 300 Bug Fixes


Medieval RPG Kingdom Come: Deliverance launched last month with bugs plaguing the game, and after fans demanded fixes, developer Warhorse Studios has finally released a comprehensive patch changing over 300 problems with the game’s quests.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance’s version 1.3.1 patch notes detail various improvements as well as a couple new features intended to make players’ experiences less frustrating. For one, the game now has a save and exit feature added, meaning users can boot up the game and save without necessarily running to their beds and going to sleep for the day. The save system has new stability improvements too, making sure players’ games aren’t corrupted if Kingdom Come: Deliverance crashes mid-save.

Update 1.3 also brings improvements to the game’s various minigames and interactions with NPCs. Stealth has been improved significantly, with the level up system providing more consistent improvements to the mechanic and sleeping NPCs waking up less easily. Guards won’t frisk players as often as they used to, either, and changes to the lockpicking and pickpocketing minigames make both much more user-friendly. Oh, and the alchemy bench won’t send players flying into the air any more, which is good to hear.

In the meantime, Warhorse Studios is still busy working on improvements for the base game, but the team has some DLC planned that will bring a female player character and dog companion into the game. So keep an eye out for more Kingdom Come: Deliverance content in the near future.

H/T PCGamer