Kingdom Come Deliverance 60FPS Lock Hard To Hit For High/Ultra Even With 1080Ti


Digital Foundry has issued a quite interesting tech analysis of Kingdom Come Deliverance, detailing how the game works on PC both in terms of hardware requirements and in comparison with consoles.

According to Digital Foundry, it looks like optimization has not proceeded very good on the PC platform, as 60 frames per second lock are hard to hit for high/ultra settings even with a 1080Ti GPU.

Kingdom Come Deliverance PC Performance Analysis

RX580 is said to beat GTX 1060 for best performance, as it can do almost perfectly locked 60fps at 1080p and medium settings. A beefy CPU is also said to be needed in order to have good performances, especially with AMD graphics card.

Of course, PC has an advantage in regards to the console versions, which have required some adjustments in order to have a decent frame rate. Those advantages come in the form of better lighting, shadows, GI, textures, geometry, parallax occlusion maps, volumetric effects even in comparison with PS4 Pro and Xbox One X.

Finally, ultra-high preset is said to be designed for “future PCs”, so it’s really something you can’t afford at this point. Look at it as some kind of next-generation Crysis game, a benchmark for what’s next in gaming, at least conceptually.

Kingdom Come Deliverance is now available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, and is a realistic medieval RPG set in 1400s’ Bohemia.