A Kingdom Hearts concert is going on tour this summer


The Kingdom Hearts Orchestra World Tour is gearing up for a second excursion to coincide with the release of Kingdom Hearts III later this year.

The concert series is a celebration of all things Kingdom Hearts—especially its music. A selection of the game’s iconic melodies will be played live by a large orchestra with accompanying videos, highlighting some of the key parts of the Kingdom Hearts story.

The first tour began late last year to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Kingdom Hearts series.

This year, however, Square Enix is shaking things up by having the producer of the Kingdom Hearts games, Tetsuya Nomura, supervise the concert itself. The original composer of the games, Yoko Shimomura, will also supervise the music program.

The concert will make its debut at a few new venues this year, including the Sydney Opera House and the Gasteig in Music.

Tickets are available for selected cities now, while the rest of the venues go live on March 13. Fans can keep up to date with the tour on the official Facebook page.