Kingdom Hearts III Critical Mode Coming Very Soon


Kingdom Hearts III‘s great for many of the things that have made the series so popular, but it’s lacking in at least one gameplay mechanic.

The standard difficulty is indeed too easy, and the higher one is not as challenging as many experienced players would expect.

To fix this, Square Enix is working on a Critical mode which is introducing a more challenging, and rewaring, experience throughout the story.

Game Informer spoke to co-director Tai Yasue at the Game Developers Conference at San Francisco, and obtained some interesting information about it.

First of all, the website claims the mode is coming “very soon,” which means a free update could be dropping in a month or so.

On top of that, we learn that it’ll do more than just changing several values of the enemies, so it’ll be a rework of certain features and mechanics rather than a simple overhaul of that.

Gameplay will become “more technical and offensive,” and will be particularly rewarding to those who are “good at action games” and love “timing attacks.”

Yasue also added that the level of skill required will “change the way you play the game,” so it could be interesting for those who have completed it yet, too.

If you done that yet, you can read our spoiler-filled theories about the secret ending.