Kingdom Hearts 4 Team Has Started Hiring


It looks like Square Enix is not resting on its laurels with the Kingdom Hearts franchise. The latest entry in the franchise has been just released, after a very long wait, but it seems the label is already working on the next iteration.

As spotted today, the publisher’s Osaka division has posted new job listings, where it mentions positions for UI designers, effect designers, and technical artists. Those are specifically being seeked for the “HD development of the Kingdom Hearts series.”

As said, the latest entry in the franchise has been Kingdom Hearts III, which was released for PlayStation 4 and for the first time on Xbox One last January. Its development has yet to be completed as the DLC “Re: Mind” is coming this Winter.

Of course, a new release in the series has yet to be announced but, even though Kingdom Hearts III closed a story arc, it seems like there’s a chance for it to keep running in the next few years, perhaps even under a new direction.

Sure, it’s good news that Square Enix is still looking into the franchise and that it’s not like it’s ending with the third chapter. We had very few doubts about it since it sells a lot, but with franchises very grounded with the story and all it’s never a given.