Kingdom Hearts III ReMIND DLC Releasing This Winter, First Trailer Out


The first look of the Kingdom Hearts III: ReMIND DLC has been revealed.

Kingdom Hearts III was released earlier in the year, and received positive reception and sold very well. However, many fans took issue with certain elements in the story that were not properly explored. The game’s director, Tetsuya Nomura promised the game will have DLC that will help explain those controversial plot points.

Kingdom Hearts III ReMind was the working the title for the first planned DLC, though not much was known of it other than more news will come in early summer.

Today at KINGDOM HEARTS Orchestra – World of Tres – in Hollywood, a new trailer for the DLC was shown. The footage showcases new cutscenes and new gameplay. The trailer begins with a cutscene of Young Xehanort and Masters of Masters talking.

Gameplay footage shows Sora using the Oathkeeper Keyblade, a popular Keyblade that was exclusive to Roxas in Kingdom Hearts III. Speaking of Roxas, he is shown being playable in the game. There’s also gameplay footage showing Aqua and Riku being playable, though they were already playable in the main game, though briefly. The DLC will be the first time that Roxas will be playable in Kingdom Hearts III.

The trailer ends with Xigbar and Luxord talking to each other, with both questioning the true identity of the other. Despite early rumors suggesting that ReMind is just the working title, the name has been kept. An audience member at attendance recorded the trailer; however, the video is very blurry.

Kingdom Hearts ReMind DLC is coming in winter of this year.