Kingdom Hearts III English Dub Being Worked Now, E3 2018 Trailer Will Be Localized?


Talking with fans on Twitter, actor James Woods confirmed he’s been working on Kingdom Hearts for a while, particularly doing all the dubbing job in preparation of the 2018 release of the much-anticipated RPG title.

Interestingly, the confirmation comes as early as March, meaning that Woods has been working for a couple months on the game perhaps in preparation of an E3 2018 which would be featuring for the first time ever the English dub.

Kingdom Hearts III E3 2018 Trailer Will Be Localized

Apparently, all things are wrapping up quite good finally, since we’re seeing the dub coming along the way in time for E3 in June and for the final release of the PS4/Xbox One game later this fall.

Kingdom Hearts III hasn’t been attached to a release date yet, but until now we’ve been confirmed multiple times, since last year, that it would be coming on current-gen consoles later in 2018. So yeah, the schedule doesn’t seem to be lying.

Going into further details, James Woods is known among video games for his role of Hades in the Kingdom Hearts franchise, so it would be easy to speculate about the inclusion of the character in the next trailer we’ll be watching at E3 2018 or sooner.

Fun enough, on his Twitter account he said “I was playing a poker tournament and working on a new Kingdom of Hearts video game,” misspelling the Kingdom Hearts franchise he’s worked for a while now.

Tetsuya Nomura’s Kingdom Hearts III finally releases in 2018.