Kingdom Hearts III DLC: Nomura Explains “Re:Mind” Meaning, Boss Battle, And Release Window


Kingdom Hearts III director reveals more information about the upcoming Kingdom Hearts III DLC.

Kingdom Hearts III was released earlier this year and received positive reviews. It was praised for its gameplay and graphics, though fans found certain aspects of the story lacking. The developers of Kingdom Hearts III promise to expand the story, and even fill in some plot holes, through DLC.

Kingdom Hearts III Re:Mind, the name of the first DLC, was first hinted at several months ago before substantial footage was released during a Kingdom Hearts concert. The same footage was revealed in E3 2019. It is slated to release in Winter 2019.

Tetsuya Nomura, director of Kingdom Hearts III and the Final Fantasy VII Remake, was recently interviewed for the Japanese magazine Famitsu. He talks about the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake, as well reveal more details about Re:Mind.

In a translation provided by our friend at Kingdom Hearts Insider, Nomura talks about the meaning of Re:Mind, jokily claiming it means “remind to respond.” He later says that the “Limit Cut” will contain the same amount of bosses as Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. According to the person interviewing Nomura, this means there will be at least thirteen bosses.

Nomura also brings up that there will be a “Limit Cut Episode” and a “Secret Episode.” The “Secret Episode” will contain its share of new bosses. He also talks about wanting to avoid releasing the DLC around the same time as the Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Read the translations on the Kingdom Hearts Insider website.