Kingdom Come: Deliverance is still getting a female playable character and dog


Kingdome Come: Deliverance has enjoyed an impressive amount of success since its release, which shouldn’t come as a surprise since the game is an excellent RPG. There’s still more content to come, too, in the form of free DLC that’s coming later down the line. Specifically, a playable female character and a dog companion are the next on the list, which were previously promised to backers during the game’s original Kickstarter campaign. 

Warhorse Studios’ creative director Daniel Vávra said that the fact that the planned release of a dog and female character is “still true.” 

“Currently we are already working on animations for the dog and tournament is partially scripted and will also be part of some future DLC,” Vávra added. “So only thing that we said is, that we are currently focusing on patches and polishing the game. We will deliver these things later, but currently we don’t have any exact dates set in stone.”

With a game that’s managed to sell over a million copies, it’s clear there’s a massive fanbase that does want what it was promised back during the original Kickstarter pitching period. Hopefully we’ll get some sort of ETA about when we can expect these things in the future.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a hardcore role-playing game that requires you to take care of nearly every aspect of your character’s adventure, from food and thirst to injuries accrued while out fighting enemies. There is only a male playable character available now, so a female would certainly change the dynamic of the game and the narrative at several points in the story.