Kings Canyon is back (again) in new Apex Legends limited-time mode

The new mode for Respawn’s popular battle royale is bringing some temporary, and permanent, changes.

Apex Legends

Image via Respawn

Apex Legends players are going back to the game’s first map again with the release of the next limited-time event, as announced by Respawn Entertainment today on Twitter

The event, called Systems Override Collection, will start on Mar. 3, and end on Mar. 17. The event will bring a new mode to the game, as well as legendary skins, a new heirloom, and some in-game changes, both temporary and permanent.

The new game mode is called Deja Loot. From Mar. 3 to Mar. 9, the mode will take place on World’s Edge, the current map for the game, and from Mar. 10 to Mar. 17, the mode will take place on King’s Canyon. This mode sees loot having a set spawn location around the map so you know what you will find when you drop. This means that finding a gold armor at Refinery means you will always find that gold armor there whenever you drop. The path of the dropship and location of the circle will be random, as always.

There will be a brand new piece of armor to find as well when you drop in the new mode, the Evo Shield. When you first pick this armor up, it starts weaker than the base level, white armor. As you damage enemies, the shield grows in power, eventually capping out between the purple armor and gold armor. Respawn says that the new shield is limited to Deja Loot right now, but they are open to adding it permanently to the game based on player feedback from the event. 

As with all the collection events, this one will have plenty of rewards to earn and buy. The event will feature a Prize Track, as we saw in the Grand Soiree Arcade event in January, offering players rewards they can earn by completing challenges during the event. As always, there are 24 event-themed items you can buy using Apex Coins or Crafting Materials during the event, and getting all 24 will earn you the new heirloom for Octane, a butterfly knife that also serves as a Stim syringe.

How players can earn heirlooms is getting a change as well with this event. The old system had players earning random heirlooms after opening Apex packs, but now, they will instead earn Heirloom Shards. With these shards, players can then choose which heirloom they wish to unlock. So far, this means the heirlooms for Wraith, Bloodhound, Lifeline, Pathfinder, and once the event is over Octane. The shards will have the same drop rate as the heirlooms had before, so you will receive shards after opening 500 Apex packs, you will have a choice as to which heirloom you unlock rather than leaving it up to chance.

The heirlooms and collection event items have drawn the ire of fans in the past, with players complaining about the amount of Apex Coins and Crafting Materials needed to unlock items, which made earning these items without paying real money a much longer experience than just buying them. While Respawn has lowered these requirements, there are still some complaints about the prices of these items. But for this event, it seems like the community is most excited about the new changes to the game. Perhaps they’ve just come to accept that these microtransactions are here to stay in the game, but regardless, excitement seems to be building for this new event. 

Apex Legends is available now on PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4.