The Kirby Star Allies website has revealed new abilities and mini games


The official Kirby Star Allies Japanese website recently went live, revealing a bunch of new information and details for Kirby’s next 2D side scrolling adventure.

Brand new copy abilities, which are Kirby’s main powerups in the game, and a bunch of new multiplayer mini games were found hidden on the website alongside already known content.

These two copy abilities are called Pole and Festival. The Pole ability gives Kirby a long staff to whack away at his foes. The Festival ability, meanwhile, causes Kirby to do a small dance animation before knocking away all the enemies on the screen.

The two new copy abilities brings the total amount in-game to 27 with more expected to be revealed in the future.

Two new mini games were also revealed alongside the new abilities. These new mini games include a versus lumberjack game that tasks players with hacking down a tree as quick as possible.

The other versus mini game is called Meteor Baseball. Players need to get a full-powered swing and hit the meteor at just the right time to make it go as far as possible. The player who makes the Meteor go the farthest, wins.

Kirby Star Allies launches on March 16 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.