Kirby Star Allies demo is now up for grabs on the North American eShop


A demo for the upcoming Kirby Star Allies was released for European Switch players a few days ago, but those in the United States were seemingly left out for some reason.

The North American eShop didn’t actually get a copy of the demo, which was a little strange given that the game is less than two weeks out from release on the handheld. It looks like Nintendo has rectified its apparent mistake, and now North American Kirby fans can go ahead and download the demo right now. 

The latest Kirby outing lets you spend time with Kirby and all his friends, recruiting enemies to your side and using various different abilities to really smash the competition. The demo comes with two levels, one labeled as “easy” and one labeled as “hard” to get you going. Grassland and Cave and Castle are both up for grabs to look at. Grassland looks like the most typical Kirby stage, with a look at Kirby’s various stolen copy abilities and encounters with familiar enemies. 

The Cave and Castle stage shows off Kirby recruiting enemies like a Driblee to add to this team, and the kind of squad you can have traveling with you throughout the stage. It’s a nice, darker area with lots of terrain to cover and a moving part of the stage that lowers as Kirby flips switches.

You can recruit a friend to play with included co-op support, and there’s plenty test out before the game debuts on March 16. If you’re a Kirby fan, it looks like there’s a lot of nostalgic fuel here to delight.