Kojima Masks Delivered At Madrid Games Week Are Hilarious

Hideo Kojima is the latest celebrity who’s been at the center of a cult of personality over the Internet and perhaps even in the real world if there’s a distinction to be done anymore.

Of course, this is not coming directly from fans but also from people who work with the Japanese game designer and director, now busy on releasing Death Stranding exclusively for PlayStation 4.

An example of that is PlayStation Spain delivering Kojima masks at its booth at Madrid Games Week, which has happened in Europe the past weekend.

As noted on ResetEra, you could go through the fair wearing this mask with the face of creator of Metal Gear to show your appreciation of the man and have some fun, just like if he was a character from a video game or an anime you’d love… with the exception that he is the creator of characters and stories, not a character himself.

Anyway, on top of the photo, we’re showing you in the news post here, you can also check a video of a girl walking through the Madrid Games Week with a mask of Kojima on her face, which is hilarious if you think about it.

Death Stranding is releasing on November 8 for PS4, and Mads Mikkelsen desperately wants you to know that his Cliff is not necessarily a villain in the game.

Kojima Mask