Kojima Productions appears to be teasing a female Ludens character


Kojima Productions is apparently hard at work on another game aside from the gleefully bizarre Death Stranding, if all the imagery we’ve seen of Ludens, the company mascot, is any indication.

While we don’t really know anything about it just yet, aside from the fact that Kojima Productions’ mascot character is named Ludens, we’re all just waiting to see what Kojima unveils next about the mystery title. The first thing we can surmise, however, according to a tweet from the official Kojima Productions account, is that there could be both male and female Ludens characters. 

The Twitter account posted what looks to be a concept image of a female Ludens character, clad in a costume similar to that of the male Ludens we’ve seen several images of. While her costume is less bulky and not yet fully-realized like the Ludens we’ve seen elsewhere, she sports whitish blonde hair and the same kind of helmet as the original does. 

The image was posted without any context, leading many to believe that she could be a new character in whatever game could be coming down the line featuring Ludens. While the character itself is the mascot for Kojima Productions, Kojima himself has yet to confirm that there’s another game in the works. But why go to all the trouble of making male and female versions if there isn’t some sort of connection to a game, or at the very least Death Stranding?

We can’t know for sure what’s brewing in Kojima’s mind just yet, but at the very least it’s interesting to see a gender-swapped version of the mascot out in the open. What’s her name? What’s her story? Perhaps these are things we’ll find out about in the coming months.