Hideo Kojima Teases New Death Stranding Trailer

Hideo Kojima has teased a brand new Death Stranding trailer on his official Twitter account, sparking rumors that he could be revealing some more gameplay from the much anticipated PS4 exclusive very soon.

We’ve already reported over the last few hours that Kojima has revealed at the Tribeca Film Festival panel dedicated to the game and his relationship with Norman Reedus, that something more could be coming “in a month or so.”

So, that timeline looks rather fitting on the teaser that the game designer and director showcased a few hours ago on his Twitter account, where you can see a photo with the logo of Death Stranding and video editing inputs right below.

The timer counts in at around 8 minutes, so it could be very long (and therefore possibly featuring some gameplay on top of cinematics).

From the looks of it, Kojima should be right in the editing stage of the process of making a new trailer for the game, so “in a month or so” there could be new gameplay for the title around. That would be just in time for E3 2019.

We know that Sony won’t be at E3 this year, but also that he is a close friend of Geoff Keighley and that he has shown the latest trailers for Death Stranding at shows produced and hosted by Geoff Keighley himself. So, the reveal could happen at some yet to be announced panel or broadcast around that timeframe (like last year’s E3 Coliseum).

Whatever it is, it doesn’t seem like we’ll be required to wait a lot longer, so stay tuned to learn more details and when precisely we’ll get to watch the brand new trailer for Death Stranding.