Typing Konami’s Code on Google’s Stadia Websites Allows You to Rotate Controller

Google announced its massive leap into the gaming with their new platform Stadia, earlier today. The platform would allow gamers to play almost any game they wanted to, regardless of the hardware they were using, as all they would need is an internet connection and the Google Chrome browser. They also showed off their new Stadia controller.

During the conference, some eagle-eyed viewers noticed that on the back of the controller Google had hidden Konami’s legendary cheat code on the back. For some, it seemed like a small nod to their commitment to joining the gaming landscape. However, when others visited Stadia.com and typed in the code, they were greeted with a fun little surprise.

You can check it out for yourself. Head on over to Stadia.com, and type in the following code on your keyboard: Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A.

Doing so, you’ll get taken to an interactive page where you can spin the new Stadia controller around to get a better view of it. You can go side to side, but you cannot flip it around to get a look of its underside.

While limited, it’s a neat little demonstration.

For those interested in learning more about Google’s Stadia, you’ll have to wait until this summer. However, you won’t have to wait to try the platform out for yourself as Google plans to have it released later this year.

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