Konami Has A Special Announcement For E3 2019 | A New Silent Hill or Metal Gear?


Konami has been missing in action for a while, with fans asking themselves about whether they would see more games from the Japanese developer and publisher. It has lots of intellectual properties in its portfolio but doesn’t look like it will be taking advantage of that for a while, unless of huge surprises.

Those surprises could be coming at E3 2019, where Konami has announced to be holding a brand new Twitch broadcast to talk directly to its supporters. It isn’t clear what it will end up being, but the label has promised a “special announcement” that will be shared with fans.

The appointment is scheduled for 5:30 pm PDT /8:30 pm EST June 11 /1:00 am BST, June 12 and in that occasion, there will be a “special announcement” for Konami fans on the official Twitch channel. We don’t have clues about what it could be, but sure enough, it’s a good occasion for the publisher to return to doing games outside of PES 2019 and mobile stuff.

Of course, we’re thinking of titles from long-running franchises, such as Castlevania, which is lacking new triple-A releases since Lords of Shadows 2. Silent Hill, which is not getting new entries since Downpour and has seen the latest game in the series abruptly canceled, and Metal Gear, which has recently dropped the Survive spin-off but could witness the main chapter anytime soon — even without Hideo Kojima.

So, while we can’t tell what’s going on at Konami, we’d sure have lots of requests for it, since the publisher has so many intellectual properties and brands it could release new games for. It could end up being just PES 2020, which has not been officially revealed yet, but a man can dream.