Konami Still Not Planning PES 2020 On Nintendo Switch

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Konami has been releasing several games for Nintendo Switch but is not considering its most popular series in the western territories, PES, to the platform for some reason.

Talking to Real Sports, PES brand manager, Lennart Bonzein, has shared some more intel about this decision, that is somewhat controversial if you consider that other Konami titles are being offered on the platform and that the biggest competitor, FIFA, is on Switch as well as other consoles.

“I can’t really talk about the Switch, all I can say is that I love the Switch. I think it’s an amazing console and I really enjoy playing on it,” said Bonzein (via Nintendo Life).

“As a company, Konami is aware of the Switch – we released Bomberman last year, we are releasing Contra on the Switch. For PES right now, just the current factors that the game is coming out on the three platforms – PS4, Xbox One and PC means there is no Switch version planned right now.”

Most likely, the biggest issue is that the PES franchise, and eFootball PES 2020, is created on FOX Engine, which at the time being doesn’t look to be compatible with the Switch. Making it work on the console would cost time and resources that, we see, Konami doesn’t want to invest.

Things can always change in the future, of course, and this is something we would recommend if you look at the success of the Switch as a platform overall.