Grab yourself a Kooky Chocobo in Final Fantasy XV via Twitch Prime


Normal, yellow chocobos just not cool enough for you? Lamenting the loss of chocobo breeding in the latest Final Fantasy adventure? Twitch has a solution for you. Starting today, you can nab a royal purple chocobo and 10,000 gil in Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition just by being a Twitch Prime member. 

You can claim the Kooky Bundle, which comes with the cute little purple chocobo mount and some cash money to help make your journey through Eos a breeze. Interested in welcoming a Kooky Chocobo into your game? You can see how it looks in the video below. 

The promotion will be running through April 21, and you’ll need a copy of Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition and a Twitch Prime membership, either via trial or subscription. You can claim your benefit by visiting Twitch and linking your Twitch account to your paid subscription. This is the first in a long line of several upcoming Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition promotions, it seems, as Square Enix promises. 

If you still haven’t embarked on your special road trip with the four best boys of Eos: Noctus, Prompto, Gladiolus, and Ignis, Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition is out now, available via Steam There’s a swath of additional content within the PC version, including a very cool set of Half-Life inspired costumes and items you can outfit both protagonist Noctis and your multiplayer character with. 

There’s also an entire subset of items pulled from The Sims 4 for use in the game as well. This is one Final Fantasy that’s full of interesting DLC, and hopefully we’ll see a lot more cool things coming down the line in the future.