Korn-inspired Halloween event roars into World of Tank Blitz this October

The sound of metal.

Korn-inspired Halloween event roars into World of Tank Blitz this October

Image via Wargaming

World of Tanks Blitz will welcome iconic metal band Korn to its lands in a special Halloween-themed event, Wargaming has announced. The free-to-play PC and handheld title’s developer has collaborated with the award-winning five-piece for October’s spooky festivities, and fans only have to wait one more day until new content drops on Friday, October 16.

The collaboration sees Blitz’s and Korn’s worlds collide in a music video for the band’s latest track Finally Free. The video sets the stage for a new game mode — Burning Games — which will see players fight on the battlefield to win Halloween and Korn-themed rewards. Available to all Tier V players, Burning Games will task players with destroying opposition tanks in order to top up their decreasing health, which will drain slowly throughout matches.

“Wargaming is no stranger to musical collaborations, having teamed up with Iron Maiden, Swedish metallers Sabaton, and punk rock outfit, The Offspring, for previous projects,” Blitz Product Director Andrey Ryabovol said. “Korn is the perfect partner for our Halloween event, and we can’t wait for rock fans and World of Tanks Blitz players to experience this exciting collaboration.”

Convergence, a five-stage limited-time event, will run from October 16 to 24, and will give players the chance to unlock band artwork and exclusive items through in-game challenges.

Finally, 60-stage extravaganza The Way of the Raider will also arrive October 16, and allow fans to earn Credits, free XP, new tanks, and a custom player profile among other prizes. Individuals who complete all 60 stages will secure themselves a unique animated Radioactive Glow tank camo skin. Players will have until October 31 to earn their rewards, so get them while you can.