Witness The First Sea of Thieves Kraken Boss Fight


Sea of Thieves features a lot of secrets and mysteries to unravel in its huge open world game. Many of them are under the sea and ready to pop up whenever something specific (and mysterious, as I said) happens.

Among these few things, as heavily suggested by developer Rare, we can find the gargantuan sea monster, the Kraken. The Kraken gets triggered from time to time, we’ve yet to learn on what basis and by what specific parameter (time? Level? Whatever).

Kraken Boss Battle In Sea of Thieves

What looks to be the first encounter in the main Sea of Thieves game has happened today, and has been recorded by user super 21314. Interestingly, nothing, in particular, seems to be happening throughout the video, where you can see the monster appear at around 1:40.

It’s just a one-stage fight, with all those tentacles showing up from the sea and nothing, in particular, happening apart from people being dragged off their ship and slammed from various sides.

It isn’t clear whether Rare is set to add something more to the fight, possibly with another few stages where, for example, you get to fight it right in the sea or see its entire body rather than simply the tentacles.

Considering the game is “live” and evolving, that wouldn’t surprise us, based on how much hype has been generated thus far around the figure of the Kraken in the adventure.

Sea of Thieves is available now for Windows 10 PC and Xbox One.