The Sea of Thieves launch trailer finally revealed the terrifying Kraken


A new Sea of Thieves trailer has revealed a bunch of new details about the upcoming pirate adventure.

In the trailer, Rare showed off a bunch of new cosmetic items that will allow you to change the appearance of your boat and pirate, a few new islands, and more importantly, the kraken.

The kraken has been one of the biggest mysteries for the game since it was first revealed back at E3 in June 2016. The kraken was a part of a lot of the game’s trailers but was never officially revealed—until now.

On Feb. 10, 2017, Eurogamer shared photos of the kraken in full force after images were leaked to the website. Players will apparently know when the kraken is in the area when the nearby waters turn murky black, as they did in the trailer. That change in the water will be your only warning—and your only chance to escape the beast.

The kraken will punch holes into your ship and wrap itself around your vessel, it’ll also grab players to throw them around like ragdolls. Players sailing near a kraken attack can either choose to help other pirates defeat it or try to steal loot from the other vessels while they’re preoccupied.

Rare hasn’t revealed much about the kraken other than this initial tease, however. Fighting it remains a mystery, so players will need to team up to learn how to defeat it when the game releases on March 20 for Xbox One and Windows 10.