Lady Gaga Reportedly Involved In Cyberpunk 2077


According to a rumor that has just popped up on the Internet, Lady Gaga is involved in some manner in the development of Cyberpunk 2077.

Lady Gaga, who was awarded an Academy Award for the best song in A Star Is Born a few weeks ago, is an avid gamer and has shared multiple times her sessions on Bayonetta.

Based on a report by, we learn that the popstar has already completed multiple motion capture sessions and is set to be “a regular character” in the game.

The collaboration is rumored to be made official as soon as this June at E3 2019, where the game will seek the maximum visibility possible.

Rumors about a collaboration between the parts have kicked off last September, when CDPR answered a 2012 tweet by Lady Gaga.

There’s a chance that the cooperation gets announced at E3 together with a firm release date or window, which should be around at early 2020 at the latest.

You can read more about the game thanks to our roundup of the things we learned during the first showcase of last summer.