Last Oasis taken offline for up to 7 days while devs work on server issues

Launch day blues cause the early access title to temporarily go offline.

Last Oasis

Image via Donkey Crew

Last Oasis, the survival MMO from developers Donkey Crew, has been taken offline for the next seven days. Despite just launching last week, the game suffered severe server issues, and the developers have decided the best move is to just bring the game completely offline while they work to resolve the problem. The game will also not be available for purchase while these launch issues are being worked on.

“We need to properly investigate why our load testing didn’t pick this up, and what went wrong, and figure it out properly and solve it,” project lead Florian “Chadz” Hofreither said in a video posted to YouTube. “We will deliver on the promise as soon as possible, we are really, truly sorry about this situation. Thanks for your patience.”

Despite working day and night to resolve the server issues, Hofreither said, the team has so far been unable to do so. In another tweet, from the official Last Oasis Support twitter account, Donkey Crew advised that an additional team of back-end engineers has been brought in to help speed up the process.

Anyone who has already purchased the game can request a refund, regardless of how much time they have spent in the game.

Hofreither also notes that, in the current state of the world and given the popularity of gaming during the COVID-19 pandemic, this is a strange time to release a game into early access.

One launch day, we got to spend a few hours in the game, and it certainly was fun. The systems that we encountered all seemed well designed, and it ran surprisingly smoothly for a launch day survival MMO. Unfortunately, that one play session was all the time we got in the game, as the next time we attempted to log on, the server issues were in full swing.

Hopefully, it won’t take the full week for Donkey Crew to right the ship. Or the walker, as it were.