Ashley Johnson Hints at Februrary 2020 Release Date for The Last of Us 2


Sony did not make an appearance at this year’s E3 conferences, and as a result, we did not learn any additional information about some of their big upcoming titles, like The Last of Us 2. However, the voice actress behind the game’s lead character Ellie, Ashley Johnson, recently had an interview on Critical Role’s Between the Sheets segment, hosted by Brian Foster.

We posted the interview below, which is an hour long. Feel free to listen to the entire show, but if you’re curious about the particular section we’re talking about, you can jump ahead to 1:07:00. From there, you’ll see the two discussing The Last of Us 2 during this part of the interview.

Due to the game’s developers Naughty Dog keeping things reasonably close to the chest, it’s difficult for Johnson to discuss her involvement and critical details about the game. The first thing Foster asks Johnson, though, is the release date. It’s a decent question, and one many fans would like to know the answer to, but there’s been no official release date.

During the segment, Foster talks about how Johnson has posted on her Instagram and has hinted at the game. However, Johnson speaks in such a way many viewers can see her starting to say, “February,” and she even says the, “F–” before she’s cut off by Foster, who continues with his question.

She may not have meant to give this little detail away, but it’s the closest many have gotten to hear a concrete answer to when players can jump back into the world of The Last of Us.

The Last of Us 2 takes place five years following the events of the first game. In many of the trailers we’ve seen about the game, there’s been a high degree of violence, which many have criticized Naughty Dog for showing during promotional events. Despite these criticisms, many are still excited about getting back into the game.

Hopefully, we learn more details soon, later this year.