The Last Of Us Game Director Bruce Straley Shared Why He Left Naughty Dog


Bruce Straley in an interview shared a feasible reason for his exit from Naughty Dog after serving the studio for 17 years and leading some of the most popular video game titles. He was talking at Kotaku Splitscreen and shared his experiences, the stress he felt and finally taking a firm decision to step away for positive good. Bruce is no longer directing the upcoming action-adventure horror game The Last of Us 2.

Bruce Straley

Bruce and Neil Druckmann both were leading Naughty Dog. Both were leading the development of Uncharted 4 before Bruce plans to get a break. Bruce shared that his exist was due to stress and pressure he felt for Uncharted 4 development. He expressed that he felt more like obligations to the team instead of feeling a passion for the project. Both the developers got a two-year window only for Uncharted 4, compared to the other titles which got ample of development time.

The pressure to develop the game in short span of time can surely be chaotic. Bruce said that there is a difference driven by passion or by pressure. Below is his full statement:

“Uncharted 4 showed up and it was like, I guess there’s a difference between doing something for yourself which feels passionate and I had my own theories that I was trying to expand upon between Uncharted 1, 2, and The Last of Us and then Uncharted 4 became more like, ‘How do I do this for the team and for the company?”

Bruce also clarified that he exists has nothing to do with the Studio or with the game, it’s his personal through of taking a break. Further, Bruce didn’t share anything about this upcoming projects, Neil Druckmann on the other side stays with the studio and is now leading the development of The Last Of Us 2. You can read his full interview on the below source link.

Source: Kotaku