Animal Crossing: New Horizons second Summer update to add backup saves, fireworks earlier than planned

Fireworks, dreaming, and cloud saves are all in your future.

Animal Crossing New Horizons

Nintendo announced this morning that the latest update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons will be arriving earlier than originally planned. The second wave of the summer update that was supposed to launch in August will now be available on July 30. The update will include cloud saving that will allow players to back up and restore their islands. Players will also be given access to new mechanics including Dreaming and Fireworks Shows.

If you use the Nintendo Switch Online service you will be able to backup your island to the cloud starting on July 30. The service will automatically upload your island’s save data at specific times. If your Nintendo Switch is damaged or lost you can use this service to restore your island and player data on a new or repaired console. This service will allow players to jump right back into building their island after any possible incidents with minimal data loss. This service will require an internet connection to be used.

Players will be able to create and enjoy atmospheric fireworks shows at 7pm every Sunday through the month of August. Players will be able to purchase fireworks or craft their own with custom designs. Players can also participate in a raffle hosted by Redd at a pop-up stall that may appear during the show. Through the raffle, you can win unique summer party themed items to use and show off on your island.

A new Dreaming mechanic will be added with the update. Players can take a nap in any bed placed in their home. Once you are asleep you will be transported to a new dream realm where you can meet Luna, a tapir first introduced in New Leaf. Luna allows players to visit other islands as a dream and share their own dream island with others. Luna will give players a Dream Address that can be exchanged with other players.