Latest Outriders demo update addresses motion blur on PC and PlayStation

Players on PC and PS4/5 can finally toggle off that pesky graphical option.

Image via People Can Fly

The Outriders demo has been wildly successful for the team at People Can Fly. The developers revealed today that it’s been downloaded by more than two million players in the week it’s been available. However, many players were having problems with all of the motion blur that’s going on in the game. Fortunately, PCF has addressed that in today’s demo update for both PC and the PlayStation consoles. An Xbox version is said to be on the way soon.

The new update adds a motion blur toggle that lets you turn it on and off. This is a welcome feature for all of the players whose experience has suffered because of it. That’s not the only thing People Can Fly has done though. They’ve also implemented some changes to fix camera shake in cutscenes. It’s not a comprehensive fix for this update, but it is something the team is actively working on as they near the full game’s launch.

On top of that, they’ve made improvements to matchmaking. This should mean you’re getting into games much faster. And, of course, they’ve made several other minor improvements that should help iron out some of the smaller issues players have been experiencing.

All of this is a good sign as we move toward Outrider’s April 1 release date. People Can Fly has proven to be transparent with the playerbase and willing to change course based on player feedback. Seeing that continue post-launch will be a welcome sight.