Latest Outriders patch addresses widespread inventory wipe bug

Now, you keep your loot.

Image via People Can Fly

Since People Can Fly launched its new loot shooter Outriders, the game has been hit with several issues. The most alarming of which is that many players were finding their inventories wiped clean by a bug in the game. As you’d expect, correcting this issue has been a top priority for the dev team. And, while it’s not completely fixed, PCF has issued an update that should mitigate future damage.

Today’s update addresses the inventory wipe issue going forward. If everything works as intended, no one should get with an inventory wipe after they download the patch. That said, People Can Fly has not yet been able to restore inventories of affected players. So, if you’re waiting to get back all of the legendary gear you lost, you’ll have to keep waiting. There’s no timetable for that patch’s eventual release, but we expect to see it relatively soon given how much energy People Can Fly is putting into getting this sorted for players.

It’s unfortunate that the game has been affected by bugs like this one. It really nukes any goodwill the game has from its solid gameplay and novel powers. However, if they can iron everything out, this is going to be a phenomenal game to pick up on a sale and blast through with some buddies.