Latest Phasmophobia beta update adds new objectives, haptics suit support

Players with expensive gear can really feel the terror thanks to this update.


Image via Kinetic Games

Playing Phasmophobia on your PC is just fine, but playing it in VR is admittedly a different experience. You’re shoved right into that dark, spooky farmhouse or asylum, and when a ghost starts hunting, the pressure is on in a whole new way. Developer Kinetic Games is clearly aware of that, which is why the game’s latest beta update isn’t just adding new ghost objectives. Folks with the cash to throw at a haptics vest (yes, that’s a real thing) can now put it to use in Phasmophobia thanks to support added in the game’s latest beta build.

Starting with the more tame part of today’s new beta update, players can now expect a more challenging experience. The game is adding a total of five new objectives, with some of them being exclusive to the game’s higher difficulty levels. The first two objectives require players to detect a ghost’s presence with a candle or detect a ghost’s footsteps with the parabolic mic during a hunt.

On intermediate and professional difficulty, players may be asked to survive a hunt with nobody dying. Professional ghost hunters can look forward to the challenge of using a smudge stick while a ghost is hunting a player. Finally, players in multiplayer games may be asked to keep their average sanity low, below 25%.

For the extremely niche audience of players that own haptic tact suits or face covers, this update could justify that purchase. Phasmophobia’s latest beta update has added support for bHaptics’ line of gear. However, it should be noted that full implementation isn’t in the game just yet. Instead, that will be rolled out gradually. For now, though, a majority of haptics are present in the game.