Latest Playstation 5 update improves DualSense rumble for PlayStation 4 games

Your DualSense controller should now mimic the vibration of the DualShock 4 when playing PS4 games.

DualSense PlayStation 5

Sony has put out an update for the PlayStation 5 that improved many aspects of the system. Most significantly, the system can now let owners move games to USB storage. An update for the DualSense controller has also been put out, but it doesn’t contain patch notes. This means that PS5 owners had to figure out what has been updated themselves.

Players have begun to report that the DualSense’s vibration has greatly been improved when playing PlayStation 4 games via backward compatibility. Before, the rumble on the controller while playing PS4 titles felt very weak compared to playing on an actual PS4.

The DualSense controller, which has been experiencing drift issues, differs from the DualShock 4 as it uses haptic feedback and creates a different feeling rumble compared to its predecessor. However, this last controller update now allows the controller to emulate the rumble of a DualShock 4 controller.

A post on Reddit by u/TJangoRechained goes over their experience after the update. They stated: “It’s changed the way the DualSense vibrates when playing PS4 games, something that was always significantly weak for some reason.” They continued: “The haptic feedback now more closely emulates the feeling of those DualShock 4 rumble motors. In games like Rocket League and God of War, it’s made a valuable difference.”

Another user corroborated the post and stated: “Yeah, just experienced this today while playing some ps4 games. Played ratchet and clank ps4 last couple of day and didn’t get that much feedback. Tried it today, after the update, and the controller was very responsive.”

This is a welcome change that players would have liked to have been notified about. Hopefully, Sony will start to announce what these patches contain in future controller updates.