Latest PS5 Update streamlines choosing between PS4 and PS5 version of games

Players will be notified if they are playing the last-gen version.

Image credits – Tidux

Sony has released an update for the PlayStation 5 which makes choosing between the PS4 and PS5 versions of games a whole lot easier. The PlayStation 5 supports cross-platform play with almost the entirety of the PS4 library. However, while installing a cross-platform game, both the PS4 and PS5 versions get installed at times.

Sony has released an update to ensure that players are able to know properly which version of the game they are playing. As spotted by Twitter user Tidux, a notification now appears if players are playing the last-gen version of the game. It also gives the users an option to switch to the PS5 version.

Earlier, the process was quite tedious as users had to first select the game from the library, go to the options menu, and then the installed versions would show up under the Game version tab. This would let the players toggle between PS4 and PS5 versions. The latest update removes the hassle of rummaging through the settings menus.

While backward compatibility has been a major selling proposition for the PlayStation 5, Sony hasn’t emphasized a lot on cross-platform upgrades, and it’s pretty much up to the developers to offer upgrades to the players. Most developers have promised free upgrades to the next-gen versions, while some developers like EA have locked the next-gen upgrades behind a paywall.