Latest Switch update may have added Bluetooth support

At some point you may be able to play on the go without annoying everyone around you.

Photo by Stillness InMotion/Creative Commons

The Switch’s mobility factor is wonderful, but it’s impossible to not feel like a jerk playing in public with the audio on. And with wireless headphones and earbuds becoming more common, that audio jack on the Switch is harder to put to actual use. But there may be a solution coming soon. According to a Nintendo dataminer, the latest Switch firmware update has potentially added Bluetooth audio support.

According to OatmealDome, firmware update 12.0.0 added audio support to the Bluetooth driver. However, they stressed that just because audio support had been added didn’t mean Nintendo would actually use it. “I’m not sure if anything is actually using this support so far,” reads the post revealing these additions. “No guarantees it will ever be used, either.”

While Nintendo is prone to saying its products are perfect even while there are glaring issues (looking at you Joycons), this could be a huge first step in fixing the Switch’s problems. Every modern console except the Switch comes with support for wireless audio, but in this case, it would be better late than never.