LawBreakers publisher blames PUBG for the game flopping

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One of the more disappointing and sad stories of gaming in 2017, LawBreakers, has added another chapter today.

The hardcore FPS title recently dropped to a player count of zero over the holidays, even though it was priced down 50 percent to $14.99.

Now, a financial executive at Nexon, the game’s publisher, opened up in an earnings conference call and placed some of the blame on the success of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

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“Our results in North America in the third quarter were below our outlook, mainly due to the sales from LawBreakers being below our expectations,” said Shiro Uemura, Nexon Chief Financial Officer. “LawBreakers is a unique FPS developed for core users. We had very high expectations for its launch, however, the timing of its launch turned out to be unfortunate, specifically the blockbuster PC online game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds came out right about the same time, making the market environment very tough for first-person shooters in general and for LawBreakers.”

Exact sales numbers for LawBreakers have not been released, but the dwindling player count which consistently hovers in double digits does not bode well for the game in the future, which seems destined for a free-to-play revamp.

LawBreakers released on Aug. 7, which was right around the time PUBG really started to take off in popularity. It’s possible that the release timing had some effect on its launch, but months later, the game is still unpopular among even the hardcore FPS audience.

H/T Eurogamer