Riot Games Is Also Working On a League of Legends Action/RPG


The team at Riot Games kept quite busy with its 10th-anniversary live stream tonight. It announced League of Legends would finally make its debut on mobile and consoles with Wild Rift. It confirmed a new fighting and first-person shooting title based on the LoL universe. It has a card game ready to put Hearthstone out of business. So what’s left? How about something that’s set to steal Diablo’s thunder?

During the showcase this evening, the team showed off a new project that looks to be an action/role-playing hybrid along the lines of Blizzard’s long-running series. Though the glimpse at the game was brief at best, it does have an official name — Project F.

They described the game as a “project that explores the possibilities of traversing the world of Runeterra with your friends,” indicating that it’s ripe for multiplayer.

Considering it’s set to take place in the League of Legends universe, it wouldn’t be a shock to see several champions from that game make their way into this one. They’ll bring their array of special attacks with them too.

Project F is still very early in development; and doesn’t even have a release date or platform information at this point. But it’s great to see Riot Games expand all the same, and give some new genres a try — and maybe even give Diablo a run for its money.

Riot will have more information on Project F at a later time, possibly in 2020. For now, there’s Wild Rift to consider, which will debut much sooner.