League of Legends Fighting and First-Person Shooting Games Announced


There’s a lot of great League of Legends news coming around with Riot Games’ 10th-anniversary live stream. So far, we’ve gotten confirmation that the game is coming to consoles and mobile with Wild Rift; and a long-awaited champion, Senna, has also been confirmed. But the publisher isn’t done yet, as it has two more games with entirely different play styles that will tie into the series.

First up is a fighting game. Yes, League of Legends is getting a fighting game. It’s called Project L, and this is not the final name. While it’s officially in development, fans shouldn’t “expect anything soon.” Still, an appearance at EVO wouldn’t be the worst thing.

Although a developer wasn’t confirmed for the game just yet, it does appear to be the work of Radiant Entertainment, whom Riot Games acquired back in 2016. They previously worked on the free-to-play Rising Thunder, which was a fun cult favorite before the game shut down shortly after the studio’s purchase.

It’s unknown which characters will appear in the fighting game. But the screenshot indicates we could see several champions debut in it. We’ll let you know as soon as more information is available.

Then there’s a shooter game, also taking place in the League of Legends universe. The studio considers it a tactical shooter built around characters, akin to Blizzard’s Overwatch in a way. It has a group of various developers working on the game but hasn’t spilled the beans on who just yet. There’s also a touch of CS:GO, which fans may like.

The team is hard at work on the shooter, which doesn’t even have a project name yet. It’s due sometime in 2020, though the team made it clear that, again, it’ll “go dark” on details until they’re officially available.

Between these two games and Wild Rift, Riot is going all out to appeal to new audiences for its League of Legends franchise. We’ll see what happens in the months ahead.