The New League of Legends Cinematic is Here, and It’s Gorgeous


League of Legends is getting pretty famous for it’s awesome cinematics, such as “Awaken,” which was released last year to welcome in the 2019 competitive season. Now, Riot have come back with an equally epic cinematic for League’s 2020 season.

Titled “Warriors,” the new cinematic features many different League champions in an all-out war, with Caitlyin and Vi facing off against Urgoth; Lux and Garen struggling to keep Sylas’ offenses back; and Ezreal and Kai’Sa teaming up to battle a swarm of creatures. After a bloody battle, Garen, Galio, and Lux stand with their army, ready to finish off a defeated Sylas.

The cinematic features a cover of the 2014 song “Warriors” by composer 2WEI and singer Edda Hayes. The song was originally performed at the Worlds 2014 finals in Seoul, South Korea, by Imagine Dragons, but the rendition for the newest cinematic takes on a far darker, more somber feel.

The character models in the cinematic are on another level. Their movements, facial expressions, and all-round design are more realistic than ever before, sending a chill down your spine every time you watch Kai’Sa nod to Ezreal, or see the painful realization on Lux’s face as Sylas and his forces break through. Riot must be setting a pattern for their animated series, Arcane, which is set to release later this year.

Fans can expect more League content very soon, as Riot confirmed their plans to expand the game further in a video that was released yesterday.