Leaked Screenshots of Left 4 Dead 3


We now have leaked screenshots of one of the maps for the Left 4 Dead 3 game that was supposed to see the light of day but has likely been scrapped, by this point. These screenshots were shared in a YouTube video by Tyler McVicker, which you can view at the bottom of this article.

The first two Left 4 Dead games featured a variety of different maps, such as the inside of a stadium, a marsh in the South of the United States, and a creepy carnival in near-darkness. They were ideal settings for a zombie horde to come running at players, intent on ripping them apart.

However, these leaked screenshots show the series going in a completely different direction. The ones shown have a great degree of more light to them and set in a place not many would consider ‘modern.’

The screenshots confirm the game was, initially, going to take place somewhere in the Middle-East. The environment we see here shows off a huge castle, likely where the group would have been chased into or have to invade.

These maps were created in 2013, according to McVicker in their video. McVicker also details that the game was, reportedly, removed from Valve’s development back in 2017, so what we’re seeing is the development team’s hard work during the height of the creative process.

It’s unlikely much of the original team is working on the project anymore if the game is still being worked on at Valve. The original game developers have created a new game development studio called Turtle Rock who are back with a new game called Back 4 Blood, which sounds like a successor to the original Left 4 Dead games.

We have limited details about Back 4 Blood, but we’ll learn more in the future. We may even learn more about the scrapped Left 4 Dead 3 game if those who worked on the project reveal more as time goes by, and Valve moves further away from the project.