Previously Leaked PlayStation 5 Dev Kit Design Might be Real


Not long ago, there was a leak that suggested a funky new design for the PlayStation 5. This strange design was unlike any PlayStation that had come before, making it just weird enough to seem like it could be real. The video game press and fanbase soon decided that this must be a PlayStation 5 dev kit. However, this leak remained mostly just a rumor, with Sony not saying whether the leaked design was true to the upcoming console or not. Now, it looks like this design may have been confirmed.

Earlier today (Oct. 8), Sony officially revealed the PlayStation 5’s name and release window, along with some details about the upcoming console. Aside from what Sony was saying about the console themselves, the magazine Wired got a firsthand look at what the PS5 has to offer. In their coverage, Wired mentions that the PlayStation 5 “on quick glance looks a lot” like the leaked dev design.

To be clear, this is not 100% confirmation that the PlayStation 5 will look like the leaked dev kit. We won’t know for sure until Sony themselves unveil the design of the console. However, someone getting firsthand exposure to the PS5 saying that it looks a lot like the leaked dev kit, even if it’s just on a “quick glance,” is probably a pretty good indication that the leaked design may be correct.

The PlayStation 5 is set to launch in the holiday season of 2020.

H/T Wired