Left Alive First Review Is Disappointing

Left Alive is releasing tomorrow, March 5, and the first reviews are slowly coming our way in order to detail how the game actually feels and plays.

Anyway, unfortunately, the game revolving around art by Kojima Productions’ Yoji Shinkawa is not getting a good reception, and the first article we grab from the Internet is indeed disappointing.

“While the idea of having a survival game set in a modern sci-fi setting with the player going up against overwhelming odds seems like a sound concept, Left Alive unfortunately does not manage to execute it very well, to the point that many might go so far as to say that it failed,” the review from Frontline.jp.

Left Alive also seems to be facing many bugs and several design choices which are hard to comprehend, like boss battles that feel “out of place.”

The story feels “needlessly convoluted” and characters, both villains and protagonists, are “unsatisfying” as well.

“The game is wrought with countless bugs and lesser issues as well: An encumbering manual save system with awkwardly-timed auto saves, various sound-related bugs with the game sometimes going silent or playing sounds from far away as if they are nearby, bad NPC pathing on side quests, immersion-ruining graphical issues, frustrating and out-of-place boss battles, and questionable localisation and voice acting quality.

The story, too, feels needlessly convoluted with its focus on conspiracy and twists, and also fails to really define its characters: Both protagonists, who feel shallow, and antagonists, who partake in outrightly cartoon-like villainy and have unsatisfying resolutions.”

This way, the first score is 55/100, most likely not what Front Mission fans and makers were expecting it to be.

The game’s still coming tomorrow, March 5, for PC and PS4, in case you’re anticipating its release and want to play it no matter what the reception is like.

Via ResetEra