Legendary beast Entei is Pokémon Go’s September Research Breakthrough

Pokémon Go's 2020 Events Details

Every month, Pokémon Go features a new Research Breakthrough event, offering players the opportunity to complete daily tasks to progress towards an encounter with a Legendary Pokémon. September’s featured Pokémon is the Fire-type Legendary beast Entei, of Pokémon Gold and Silver fame.

Additionally, new Fire-type focused Field Research tasks will become available. We’ll likely see increased spawns of certain Fire-type Pokémon to aid in completion of these themed tasks.

Starting on Sept. 1, Trainers will be able to begin their progress towards earning a Research Breakthrough and catching an Entei of their own. Unfortunately, this means you’re running out of time to collect Research stamps to obtain the Electric-type Legendary beast Raikou, so get to it!

Trainers can earn one stamp per day towards a Research Breakthrough by completing a Field Research task. Field Research is obtained by spinning PokéStops, and you can easily discard any tasks which are too hard or not worth the trouble. Upon earning seven Field Research stamps, Trainers will get to catch the Legendary beast Entei! You can complete a Research Breakthrough every seven days, so players will be able to catch up to four Entei in the month of September. You can learn more about Field Research in Pokémon Go in our extensive guide.