The last Boomsday neutral legendary can become anything it wants to be


The final neutral legendary from Hearthstone’s next expansion has been revealed.

The second Boomsday Project livestream is happening right now, with a ton more cards from the set being revealed tonight.

Image via [HearthPwn](

Harbinger Celestia is a four mana 5/6 legendary minion. It has Stealth, and after your opponent plays a minion once this is on the board Celestia will become a copy of that minion.

This is really cool card design, and it might have some use as a combo disruptor, but it seems probably too passive. It’s basically Mirror Entity for every class, and that’s hardly a popular card anymore.

The Boomsday Project is the second expansion of the current Standard year, the Year of the Raven. It will add 135 new cards to the game, including new keywords like Magnetic. It is currently available to pre-order, with all the cards becoming available on Aug. 7.