Legends of Runeterra Getting a New Board Skin and Mecha Dragon Guardian Soon

Legends of Runeterra

Riot Games isn’t wasting any time when it comes to starting off League of Legends’ new year with a bang.

The company released a new video showing off what’s to come with its games, including Legends of Runeterra. And while it didn’t mention any of Runeterra’s content specifically, it looks like a new board skin and Mecha Dragon Guardian are on the way.

Based on details from our sister site Dot Esports, there appears to be a new board coming to Legends of Runeterra, based off of the Freljord. It resembles an alternate board skin, which offers a change of pace from the standard board that players in the closed beta are currently using.

Along with that, there are teases of a new Guardian, aside from the Poro one that’s already featured within the game. A card appearing on the bottom left of the screen indicates that a new Mecha or Hextech Dragon will be on hand, giving players another “pet” to select from. This would also provide a change of pace from the Poro or its Moonstruck variation, which was available to those who have already pre-ordered.

Legends of Runeterra remains in closed beta at the moment, but Riot Games has promised a new cycle will start up sometime this quarter. The video above notes that more information on Riot Games’ 2020 plans will be detailed over the course of the week, so we’ll see what the publisher has in store.

One thing’s for sure — the company’s card battler is ready to shift gears in a big way. That’s good news leading into its 2020 release.