Nintendo teases Lego and Super Mario crossover

Mario and friends could be about to get blocked.

Lego Super Mario logo

Image via Nintendo/Lego

Nintendo has used Twitter to tease a collaboration with Lego, paving the way for many different possibilities for the two companies to bring Lego products to the Mario universe and vise versa.

The tweet included a short video that displayed the torso of Mario as a digital slot machine style roller, showing the classic Mario question mark in the middle. Interestingly, the mouth of Mario also appeared to be digital. It includes the caption “Something fun is being built!”

While the Lego brand has been seen on Nintendo hardware through many games, with recent examples including world-building game Lego Worlds and buddy-cop adventure Lego City Undercover, there is yet to be any official physical Lego products based on characters and setting from the Super Mario universe. 

Nintendo is often protective of the brand when it comes to third-parties, but considering the size of the Lego universe and the reputation for quality within their toys, it seemed inevitable that it would happen eventually.

While it’s likely to be Lego products from the Super Mario world, the use of digital parts could imply that Mario and friends could also be making it into a game as Lego, such as Lego Worlds as playable skins, Lego as building blocks for Super Mario Maker 2, or even a whole new game announcement. The last mainline Mario release was 2017’s Super Mario Odyssey, so it’s not unfeasible that a new game with a Lego collaboration could be on the way. 

There are also some suggestions that a physical set of Lego toys for the series are on their way as displayed by journalist and Twitter user Justin Inquires, with as many as 13 sets to be released.

The reveal tweet mentions no official word as to when the reveal will take place, though the wording implies that it could take place very soon.