Collect ladybugs in Animal Crossing’s new garden event, Leif’s Spring Flowers


A ton of spring garden items are up for grabs during Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’s new garden event.

Leif’s Spring Flowers event went live today, which has players collecting ladybugs for Leif’s ecological restoration project. The event works much like Pocket Camp’s other garden events. Plant flowers and bugs will come. Collect those bugs and hand them off to Leif to earn rewards. Repeat.

The event will run until March 9. Like with the other garden events, there are two halves. The second part of the event begins March 4. Available now are white clovers and yellow sleeping beauties, which attract pink flower ladybugs and yellow flower ladybugs, respectively. Purple and navy flower ladybugs, as well as pink sleeping beauties, will become available on March 4.

Seeds are earned through a few different avenues, which includes completing animal requests. Completing timed goals in Pocket Camp is another good way to earn event items, including seeds.

When the event is over, players will no longer be able to trade in their items for new stuff. Leftover items will be converted into bells after March 9, so make sure to trade in everything before the end date or they’ll just go to waste.