Leto’s Lab Dungeon Added to Remnant: From the Ashes in Free Update


Starting today, players of Remnant: From the Ashes have a new dungeon to explore in a free content update called Leto’s Lab. The dungeon randomly spawns on the Earth biome in any game. The Leto’s Lab is available both in campaign mode and adventure mode, which arrived in another update last week. The adventure mode allows players to randomly generate a new version of a single world without having to restart their primary campaign.

Leto’s Lab takes place at a research facility similar to Ward 13. Leto’s Lab is the place where humankind first studied the strange red crystals that ended up causing so much trouble. The lab’s head researcher, Leto Apostolakis, eventually discovered a way to use the crystals to travel to other worlds, which the player uses to reach new levels in the game. After the lab’s experiments with the World Stones took a turn for the worse, it got overrun by the Root. There’s a new enemy in the area called the Splitter. It can tear itself into two enemies to attack players from both sides.

Leto’s Lab sounds like quite a substantial dungeon. While exploring the lab, players will face a new puzzle to solve and have the ability to find a new hidden armor set, a suit of heavy metal plates. The dungeon also features a new boss called Riphide. It drops a crafting material capable of becoming a new mod when defeated.

Released last month, Remnant: From the Ashes quickly earned a heap of positive reviews. Its developer, Gunfire Games, announced it had plans to continue adding content to the game. The title has tons of hidden gear, optional bosses, and randomly selected dungeons. Leto’s Lab is the second update, with more planned for the future. We do not have any release dates or details about these patches, aside from the promise of more content for adventure mode.