Level 50 is now live in Pokémon Go for everyone

Go further beyond level 40.

Image via Niantic

Trainers in Pokémon Go have been waiting to increase their overall level in the game for quite some time. It’s been level 40 forever, and during Pokémon Go Fest 2020, developer team Niantic hinted at the fact that the level cap was going to go up. It was with the Pokémon Go Beyond initiative.

Starting right now, trainers who are level 40 can grind their way through 10 more levels to become even more powerful. Not only will trainers need to grind up more XP, but each level up comes up with a new level-up quest that they need to complete to make it to the next one.

Trainers who reach this new level can also increase their Pokémon’s overall power by giving them XL candy, a new form of power-up requirement. Any Pokémon you want to increase past the previous threshold will need it. You can earn it by transferring 100 of a Pokémon’s candy to make it, trading them, walking them, or completing specific quests.

Trainers who want to receive the Legacy Level 40 badge in Pokémon Go need to become level 40 before December 31, 2020. Becoming level 40 before then also unlocks the Legacy Level 40 quest, releasing in 2021.