Life is Strange 2’s first teaser footage offers subtle hints at its plot


Our first official footage of Life is Strange 2 is here, and it comes in the form of a very short teaser trailer.

While on patrol, officer K. Matthews (his name is on the dash cam footage) pulls over and requests backup for a 10-10 in progress, or a fight that he’s seen broken out. You can hear arguing offscreen about presumably a young boy who “didn’t do anything.” He sounds eerily like young Chris Eriksen from The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit. The carnage takes place at a 1452 Lewis Ave., though the significance of that location isn’t immediately clear. 

After Officer Matthews pulls over and presumably goes to check things out, we see footage of his patrol car being flipped over and Matthews being pushed across the street. It’s clear whoever this fight involves has some sort of telekinetic powers, and they don’t want the police involved. You can hear “It’s going to be okay,” and “On the ground!” as well. 

The trailer ends with the officer presumably unable to come back into view, probably injured by the massive force from whatever fight he stumbled upon. It’s not explicit that it includes Chris and his father from The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, but it’s quite possible.

It’s more likely, however, that it’s based on another new character. This trailer takes place in October 2016, and Chris’s vignette takes place in December 2016. Chris wouldn’t have discovered anything “unusual” about himself until after that game took place. 

Also of note is Officer Matthews. While we don’t know who “K. Matthews” is, we do know of another Matthews in the Life is Strange universe: Skip Matthews, the security guard at Blackwell Academy. Could this police officer be related to “K. Matthews?” Possibly his father? Brother? 

An even more interesting theory is that Skip Matthews isn’t our favorite security guard’s real name. It’s quite possible he could end up as a disgraced police officer after the events of Life is Strange 2 and find himself employed at Blackwell Academy. We’re still not sure if “Skip” is even his real name, after all. A guy with a band name like “PissHead” might be looking to work out some tension, too.

Dontnod Entertainment has promised that “all will be revealed” on Aug. 20, 2018. Life is Strange 2 is set for a full release on Sep. 27, 2018, so we don’t have much longer to wait before we can get our hands on the game to figure out what’s really going on.