Life Is Strange 3 “Would Be a New Story” as Dontnod Wants to Explore Different Themes


Life is Strange 3 “would be a new story,” with new characters and themes, according to the details revealed by Life is Strange 2 co-creative director Michel Koch and writer Jean-Luc Cano in an interview with GameSpot.

Season 2 of Life is Strange has recently released its last episode, and has offered completely different vibes compared to the original game. It seems like Dontnod Entertainment and Square Enix would keep exploring brand new things, should a third season be confirmed and built.

“I think it would be a new story,” said Cano. “To us as creators, we really enjoy this anthology format, and it’s really interesting for us to try to think about brand new characters and brand new stories,” added Koch.

The team does think that Sean and Daniel’s story “is done,” similarly to what they said about Max and Chloe in Life is Strange. However, there’s always the opportunity to do more in that shared universe, as shown by prequel Before the Storm and the free prologue with Captain Spirit.

“If we are going to work on another Life is Strange, it’s a shared universe so there are possibilities,” mentioned Koch. “But definitely as a full story, I think those games are both a beginning and an ending for them, and I think we really want to continue to explore new characters, new themes, and new ways of storytelling.”

Dontnod already has “some ideas and stuff we want to explore,” but it will also depend on Square Enix, which is the publisher and owner of the intellectual property, to greenlight them and start the project of a third season.

In the meantime, the French developer keeps working on multiple fronts. It is cooperating with publisher Focus Home Interactive on a new game, which could be a follow up to the original Vampyr, while it has announced the episodic Xbox and Windows exclusive Tell Me Why in November and Twin Mirror last year.